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Excel Shortcuts

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to My Megabharti web portal. Today, We’re coming up with fresh and informative article related to Microsoft Excel which is an Application Software. We have mentioned and tried to cover all the important Excel Shortcuts Keyboard Keys in this article. If you want to use these tool like a pro or want to develop your existing work skills, then try to implement these shortcuts in your day to day lifestyle.

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What is Excel?

Excel is the vital tool developed by Microsoft Company. Advanced Excel helps user to do Better Analysis, Complex and large calculations quickly and most importantly hassle free. Advanced excel helps businesses to increase their efficiency and productivity. Excel becomes part of everyone’s personal as well as professional life. So, It is necessary to learn Advanced excel and implement it for better results.

Excel Shortcuts Keyboard Keys:

1] CTRL + PG DN: Pressing Control and Page Down key switches between worksheet tabs, from right to left.

2] CTRL + PG UP: Pressing Control and Page up key switches between worksheet tabs, from left to right.

3] CTRL + SHIFT + (: It will unhide all the hidden rows within the selection.

4] CTRL + SHIFT + ): It will unhide all the hidden columns within the selection.

5] CTRL + SHIFT: Removes the all outline border from the selected cells.

6] CTRL + SHIFT + *: It will select the current region around the active cell.

7] CTRL + SHIFT + : Enters the current time [Depends on system time configuration].

8] CTRL + SHIFT + “: Copies the value from the cell above the active cell into the cell or the formula bar.

Shortcuts using regular keyboard keys:

9] CTRL + P Key: Displays the Print Dialog box.

10] CTRL + R Key: Copy the content and and format of the leftmost cell of a selected range.

11] CTRL + S Key: To save the active file with its current name, location and same file format.

12] CTRL + T Key: To display the Create table dialog box.

13] CTRL + W Key: Closes the selected workbook window.

14] CTRL + Y Key: To repeat the last action or command.

15] CTRL + Z Key: It uses the undo command to reverse the last command / to delete the last entry you typed.

16] CTRL + D Key: Uses the fill down command.

17] CTRL + G Key: To display go to dialog box.

18] CTRL + K Key: To display insert hyperlink dialog box for new hyperlinks or to edit existing hyperlinks.

19] CTRL + N Key: To create new and blank workbook.

20] CTRL + O Key: To show dialog box to open or find a file.

21] CTRL + A Key: To select the whole workbook.

22] CTRL + C Key: Copy the content within selected cells.

23] CTRL + X Key: Cut the content within selected cells.

24] CTRL + V Key: To paste content if already selected.

25] CTRL + F Key: To find particular query in the worksheet or workbook.

26] CTRL + H Key: To replace the particular words from the worksheets.

27] CTRL + B Key: to bold the selected content within the cells.

28] CTRL + I Key: To incline the selected content within the cells.

29] CTRL + U Key: Underline the selected content within the cells.

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Shortcuts using Function Keys:

30] F1 Key: ALT + F1 key creates chart of the data in the current range. ALT + SHIFT + F1 inserts a new worksheet.

31] F2 Key: SHIFT + F2 adds or edits a cell comment and CTRL + F2 displays the prit preview window.

32] F3 Key: Displays the paste name dialog box and SHIFT + F3 displays the insert function.

33] F4 Key: Repeat the last command or action only if possible. CTRL + F4 closes the selected workbook window.

34] F5 Key: To display the Go to Dialog Box. CTRL + F5 Restores the window size in workbook.

35] F6 Key: SHIFT + F6 switches between the worksheets, zoom control, ribbon and task panel.

More Tips and Tricks:

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Excel Shortcuts


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