Top Study Tips for preparation of Government exams

Government Exams
Government Exams

Are you preparing for Government exams? If yes, These STUDY TIPS will definitely help you to complete your study. All Government exams are not similar. It may vary as per organisations. So, If you’re on wrong path these will be correct time to get out from there. Below we have given some effective “Study tips”. Try to follow it and get effective results.

1. Enough Sleep:

Yes, Get enough sleep. Most of the students especially younger takes it very lightly. Have good sleep as per your defined schedule/ timetable. Getting enough sleep always helps you to keep your mind calm. It also keeps your body and mind healthy. It is vital indicator of your overall health. Here, we are talking about “enough”. Don’t sleep too much. It will effect in opposite direction.

2. Studying Early:

Start studying early and plan your study time in advance. Use a calendar, diary and write down what you are planning to do each day. Studying early will save your time and you can use it for revision. Studying early is very good sign and important step towards preparation of Government exams. Stop postponing your study.

3. Eat Healthy:

If you are eating junk food regularly, We suggest you to stop it now! Eat healthy food that fuels your brain. Food like apples and blueberries can improve your ability to focus. It will also helps you to retain information and remain mentally fit and alert.

4. Avoid any distraction:

We highly recommend you to turn off your phone and the television during study. Check your social media updates only during the break time. For instance, You will crack Government exam only if you’re focused or else it will becomes very difficult. So, Try to avoid any interruption which will interrupt you.

5. Take breaks and Exercise regularly:

During high intensity study periods it is essential to take breaks to exercise. It will make you feel more energized and refreshed. Fix your time of exercise either early morning or in evening. Most preferable time will be early in the morning. Don’t exercise beyond limit. It will make you tired and sleepy. Also, Don’t take too long breaks as it consumes your precious time.

6. Mind Maps for Government exams:

Use your mind maps to visualize your topics better. Also, Improve your memory and keep more information. A mind map acts as a vital tool for your brain. Mind maps helps you to think, collect information.

7. Use Color Code:

We would like to suggest you to use color codes during study. Use color code to break down your topics. Use markers and and notes paper to group relevant information together. It will make your Government exams study more faster. It will also help for last minute revisions. Do not use bright colors coding markers.

8. Good Environment:

Good lighting can increase your productivity. An overhead light might not be enough. Arrange at least a desk/good seating position or floor lamp with direct light. Positive environment is always fruitful for Government exams preparation.

9. Selection of Study material:

It is very important factor as it going to select your path. First of all, refer previous year question papers. After then, Have a look on exam pattern. Do complete analysis and make a road map. Try to follow your road map as much as possible. Use high quality and most used study materials.

10. Listen Music:

Some people find that listening to music while studying helps them being more productive. If that is your case, Keep the volume low and play songs that you don’t find yourself singing along to!. Note: this is totally depends on you.

Hope you’ve liked our Study tips for Government exams. We wish you all the best for your preparation. Finally, if you have any suggestions you can drop your comments below. Please let us know what else you require. So, We will try to come up with all those things. Till then stay tuned with

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